Doing business with the media and winning

It is important for library spokespeople to know the ins and outs of dealing with the media.

Recently, ALA President-elect Courtney Young received training from one of the best, longtime Chicago radio/television journalist/host Dave Baum.  Baum was joined by journalist and lawyer Anne Gallagher.


The Dave Baum Media Training Group teaches clients How to Do Business with the Media and WIN.

Together, Baum and Gallagher put Young through an intense series of interview situations, during which Young answered a series of questions on a wide variety of issues facing the association. The role-playing included Young participating in a TV sit-down interview, a phone-to-phone print interview and a radio talk-show interview. Each role-playing session was followed by a playback and critique.


Young also received valuable advice about messaging and handling Q-and-As with confidence.

Also in attendance at the session were staff members from the American Library Association’s Public Information Office, Office for Library Advocacy and the Washington Office.

Young said the training served a valuable purpose.

“I think it is really helping me to appreciate even more the association, appreciate our members, appreciate why ALA is so important in our day-to-day work and advocacy efforts,” she said.

In the following video, both Baum and Young talked a little bit more about the training.



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