Women’s History Month @ your library

Since 1987, March has been designated Women’s History Month, a celebration of women’s contributions to history, culture and society. This year’s theme, “Women’s Education – Women’s Empowerment,” honors pioneering teachers and advocates who helped women and other groups gain access to advanced learning.

Throughout the month libraries will offer a variety of programs and activities honoring and celebrating the contribution of women in the past and present. Here are just a few examples of what libraries are doing.

Bentley University Library in Waltham, Mass. promotes Women’s History Month on its In the Know @ your library website. The site guides students and faculty to both electronic and print women’s history resources available from the library. Resources include research guides, a women’s studies database, films on demand and access to feminist classics like “The Feminine Mystique,” “Sisterhood is Powerful” and “Manifesta.”

Continuing its annual tradition of celebrating Women’s History Month, the Omaha (Neb.) Public Library is offering a series of free programs that celebrate the impact of women today and throughout history. This will include a visit from Nebraska state Sen. Gwen Howard and her daughter to discuss women in politics. Additional programming includes discussions on women and civil rights and the role women played in Western expansion, while female poets and artists will present their works.

In honor of Women’ History Month, the St. Louis Public Library is offering a suite of programs, including Authors @ your library presents: Jeannette Batz Cooperman. The program will focus on Cooperman’s new book “The St. Louis Women’s Exchange: 130 Years of the Gentle Art of Survival,” which discusses the roles women have played in the production and preservation of all forms of art throughout the city’s history.

West Babylon (N.Y.) Public Library promotes the importance of celebrating Women’s History Month to young library users with Celebrate Women’s History Month @ your library. During the month the library makes kid friendly resources available on its website and with a book display of important women through history.

The Cumberland County (N.C.) Public Library & Information Center recently reached out to the public in its weekly @ your library article titled “@ your library: March is the time to celebrate women.” In the article the library promotes a book discussion of women in literature.

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